Centennial Pavilion





Project Description

A public bandshell has become a centerpiece for the community, hosting musical performances, commemorative celebrations and graduations.

The City of Sierra Vista engaged LRD to design a new open air bandshell in the center of a city park. Veteran’s Memorial Park is located in the heart of Sierra Vista, AZ and is a venue for numerous year round events. Musical and stage events as well as art fairs and other civic gatherings are planned for the new public facility.

LRD’s goal was to integrate the building within the natural context of the park. The 1700 sq ft proscenium stage extends toward the audience and is flanked by translucent polycarbonate side panels with steel bracing, echoing the silhouette of tree branches against the sky. The panels glow when the stage is lit from within after dark. Surrounding the stage is a split face masonry structure composed of multiple color units to resemble the rock formations in nearby Ramsey Canyon. Support spaces include backstage and wing areas, a green room, dressing rooms, storage rooms and a loading dock. Sustainable materials and water harvesting are included as part of the city’s effort to incorporate green building concepts in all new buildings.

A state of the art sound and lighting system are included in the building. The client preferred no fixed audience seating to allow flexibility in the use of the grounds surrounding the stage. During design, we performed extensive acoustic testing to ensure that noise from the park would not disturb nearby residential neighborhoods.