Kivel Assisted Living Phase I





Project Description

This senior living renovation includes ergonomic design of interior spaces to accommodate the elderly, and is sensitive to acoustics and lighting considerations.

LRD’s initial role was to assist Kivel Manor in the application process to the Department of Housing and Urban Development to convert 30 existing independent living units to assisted living apartments and provide common facilities and meeting rooms. We provided an evaluation of the existing buildings and proposed renovations to improve the building systems, bring fire safety into compliance with current codes and improve accessibility for the disabled.

The application that was approved by HUD made $2.7M available for renovations. In addition to various finish upgrades, the project also included a new assisted living dining room and a new multipurpose activity room. Existing exposed bulb fluorescent lighting was replaced with indirect lighting controlled by a multi-level, dimmable light management system. The existing exposed concrete tee ceiling was lowered through the use of “lily pad” acoustic clouds, which have improved acoustics and brightened the space considerably.

The renovation also included complete replacement of a two-pipe mechanical system, replacement of domestic hot water system, seismic upgrades, elevator upgrades and installation of a new fire alarm, sprinkler and emergency generator.  The construction was organized in multiple phases to allow the building to remain occupied.