Kivel Memory Care





Project Description

Kivel’s new Memory Care Facility is the first of its kind in a HUD 202 senior living apartment building.

A new one story addition includes a dining room, servery, activity room, bathrooms and storage dedicated for the dementia care unit. New furnishings in the dining room and activity room help provide a more home-like environment and contribute to the therapy provided by staff. The project is modeled on the Green Home model of care, which is based on the idea of a universal caregiver. In addition to providing personal care, the staff cook, clean, serve meals and get to know the habits and preferences of a small group of residents.

A total of 15 existing apartments have been renovated to accommodate residents with dementia. Residents displaced from the first floor moved into newly renovated apartments on the third floor. The project enlarges entrance alcoves to each resident apartment. All entry doors will be on electric hold opens tied to the fire alarm system, and will have a power assist device.

Outside, there is a “Wanderer’s Garden” accessible from the common living room. Existing retainage basins are replaced with new underground precast culverts to meet City of Phoenix requirements for onsite retainage.