La Posada Health Center





Project Description

The goal of this project was to make the health center environment indistinguishable from other buildings on the continuing care campus, and remove the stigma that had come to be associated with needing nursing care.

LRD’s architects worked closely with La Posada’s staff on the design for expansion and renovations to the senior health center. The staff wanted to transform their existing building from a nursing home and develop spaces to support a social model of care, with medical support spaces kept backstage. The architectural design calls for three separate wings which are articulated into distinct neighborhoods, each with satellite nurses’ charting areas configured as small receptionist desks. Common spaces will provide a sense of home or hearth, lessening the institutional feel.

The motivation behind this renovation was resident-driven; residents on the existing campus were reluctant to go to the health care center even for short periods of time. Most of the rooms were semi private, which led to a lack of privacy and dignity. The environment was noisy, confusing and anxiety producing, and the quality of care suffered as staff struggled to adapt a new model of service to an aging and outdated building. LRD worked with staff and residents to establish a list of priorities, which included larger private rooms, private baths with showers and a more residential feeling common spaces. This renovation project transformed an unpleasant, institutional environment into a place that allows residents to feel at home.