La Posada Master Site Plan





Project Description

This plan created a hierarchy of roads, golf cart lanes, and pedestrian paths to rationalize circulation on the campus. Phase II of the master plan addresses future expansion on 200 acres north of the existing site.

La Posada is a continuing care retirement community on a 125-acre site in Green Valley. Our team worked with La Posada’s senior staff on an update to their existing master site plan and provided a new master plan for an additional 200 acre site north of their current campus. The client’s main concern for the proposed expansion was preserving the open, rural character of the site.

An analysis of the campuses of La Posada’s six main competitors in Tucson and Phoenix confirmed that La Posada’s campus was unique in its low density. The design team proposed a series of open space areas and “green belts” to preserve openness, views and landscape while increasing overall density. Additional housing is planned in clusters around central, shaded parking courts to respond to the demanding desert climate. The clusters are arranged to take full advantage of solar orientation, water harvesting and natural wind patterns. In addition, each cluster has access via pedestrian paths to the common dining facilities in the adjacent apartment building.

Future expansion plans for development of the 200 acres north of the existing site will accommodate a three-fold increase in the number of independent houses on site. To support this future development, facilities for community meetings and performances, recreational facilities and light retail have also been included in the master plan. The plan will be implemented in phases over the next fifteen years.