La Posada Treasure Shoppe





Project Description

This retail facility includes a thrift shop, coffee shop and art museum staffed by resident volunteers.

La Posada is a continuing care retirement community with retail ventures inside the community. La Posada’s Treasure Shoppe consists of two buildings. The Treasure Shoppe is a fundraising enterprise run by La Posada residents. The residents sell donated furniture to raise money for charitable care foundations of La Posada, and are responsible for everything from unloading and arranging the furniture to inventory and pricing. The project is entirely staffed by volunteers, and it offers an example of seniors committed to activities that contribute to their community.

The second retail building of the Treasure Shoppe includes an art gallery, coffee shop and barber shop. The purpose of this building is to have a place on campus for the residents to socialize and interact with each other and visitors from Green Valley. The art gallery will display the artwork of residents of La Posada, many of whom have had distinguished artistic careers.

The design is the first phase of a series of buildings organized around traditional courtyards which will host events like dinner dances and craft festivals. The facilities are open to the general public, and they provide a safe venue where residents can interact with the wider Green Valley community.