Los Reales Master Plan





Project Description

The City of Tucson plans to reconfigure the entry to the Los Reales Landfill, with the following goals: Increase safety on the site and working face, separate commercial from self haulers, encourage recycling and reuse of materials, and encourage development of “cottage industries” to divert waste from the landfill. As a part of this effort, LRD’s design team led a series of design workshops with City staff, commercial haulers, and self haulers to study traffic flow at the entry and onto the working face of the landfill itself. More than 48 options were studied, and consensus was reached on one that allowed commercial haulers to proceed directly to the landfill, while keeping self haulers at a Convenience Center and Recycling Facility.

LRD’s architects provided a site master plan and design for the new entry and recycling facility on 80 acres north of the Los Reales Landfill. All traffic flows through one set of scales, to minimize staff requirements and allow staff to manage traffic flow on the site. With our civil and traffic consultants, we were able to develop traffic flow that encourages self haulers to recycle in order to reduce weight before proceeding over the scales. The site has been designed to have flexibility, allowing the Self Haul Pavilion to be used for large recycling loads if necessary during the week.

The project aims to be LEED Certified at a Silver level. The project will also include a program of educational exhibits designed to make the public aware of the impact that recycling, methane harvesting, and conservation can have on the environment. Studies have shown that the impact possible through such measures may exceed all other efforts at energy conservation undertaken by the City.