Native American Connections Behavioral Health Treatment





Project Description

This behavioral health project uses small courtyards to lessen the scale and institutional feel of the building.

Native American Connections’ (NAC) new 60 bed residential treatment facility will be located near downtown Phoenix. A 50,000 sq ft two story building will house both men and women, as well as single parents with children. The project requires knowledge and a working relationship with the state health care licensing agency.

LRD’s architects designed the layout of the facility to allow for patient privacy, while encouraging social interaction that is essential to the therapy regimen. Flex spaces between buildings will allow NAC to adjust the total number of single person units, family units and transitional apartments as required. The courtyards allow the residents to decompress in a secure controlled environment while still providing relaxing outdoor spaces. They promote opportunities for residents to exercise and socialize, and one courtyard includes a sweat lodge. The design will also allow for traditional ceremonies and festivals to occur on site, providing secure, controlled access for community members to visit and participate with patients. NAC’s experience indicates that patients who have one or more community members to support them during rehab have a far higher success rate and tend to reintegrate into the community faster.