LRD works to design buildings that are rooted in the modern tradition, but tied to the traditions of our region. Our approach sees regional architectural traditions as a resource and starting point.

LRD Architects strives to adopt modern architecture for its universal progressive qualities and, at the same time, respond to the geographical context of the building. Topography, climate, light and tectonic form rather than applied decoration, formalism or scene making should determine a building’s form and construction. Our projects seek to treat the built environment as an enhancement of the natural environment, respecting the resources of a site, such as views, terrain, landscape, water, light and climate. LRD looks for ways to join the influences of the desert landscape with the built form of our buildings.

LRD uses every technology and tool available to help our clients get the best possible result when we undertake a project. This includes building information modeling (BIM) such as Revit, rendering tools like Podium and Photoshop, and animation tools like Sketchup. Our toolbox also includes physical models and hand drawn sketches. While Revit and Sketchup offer precision and accuracy, physical models and sketches offer immediacy and possibility. Having the ability to provide these different forms of modeling offers our clients choices as we bring their design to life.