Sentinel Plaza





Project Description

Sentinel Plaza is an independent senior housing development in an urban location served by a new light rail streetcar line.

This senior living project replaces an existing HUD 202 in downtown Tucson with a low income housing tax credit (LIHTC) financed senior apartment building. It provides 143 one bedroom apartments, which will be occupied by low income seniors from the original project. The site is west of downtown Tucson, in the Rio Nuevo Redevelopment District. With assistance from the City of Tucson, Sentinel Plaza is the first major residential building for the new district. With its access to public transit, local markets, and nearby walking areas, Sentinel Plaza provides a true model for urban residential living for low income seniors.

Sustainable architectural design is a key component this project. The redevelopment district will meet LEED© for Neighborhood Development standards, and Sentinel Plaza is certified LEED© Gold. The building employs insulating concrete blocks to provide extremely high R values, and offsets 75% of the common area electrical loads using roof mounted photovoltaic panels. HVAC units will be 16 SEER or greater, and additional filtration are provided for all outside air intakes. Landscaping employs drip irrigation, low water use native plants and passive water harvesting. Recycled materials, low VOC paints and sustainably harvested woods are further examples of LEED© requirements that were implemented into the building’s design.