Tohono O'odham Nursing Campus Master Plan. Elder Homes and Housing





Project Description

This master plan demonstrates development of controlled indoor/outdoor senior resident spaces in a very rural setting. It required infrastructure design, working with tribal utility resources and local tribal members.

Project scope includes renovations to the skilled nursing facility, elder homes and staff housing. The site plan was modified to allow for direct public access to the nursing facility, while buffering the more residential uses (staff housing and elder homes). Because of shared support services, staff and activities, the elder homes are located near the nursing facility, but are surrounded by walking paths and exterior courtyards to preserve privacy and a sense of access to the exterior.

The elder homes consist of four-twelve bed assisted living residences, supported by both in-house staff and the main facility. Each residence contains twelve private bedrooms with bathroom, as well as common kitchen, dining, living and social areas. Separate covered porches are provided for each house. Staff offices and other areas will be provided in each unit to serve the residents. Houses will be connected to the main building by way of exterior sidewalks.

LRD’s architects designed a new entry canopy to serve as a focal point for the campus. This entry connects four twelve bed assisted living residences to the main building, so that support services can assist the staff in each home. Houses are connected to the main building by way of exterior sidewalks. Additional staff housing is to be added north and west of current housing. A total of three units will be added, including two quad-plex’s and one tri-plex. Each unit shall be a two bedroom model for a total of eleven individual units and a total bedroom count of twenty-two.