UMAC Cardiac Cath Lab





Project Description

The Cardiac Cath Lab Expansion at University of Arizona Medical Center in Tucson added two procedure rooms and six recovery beds to an existing lab, doubling its current capacity. The project also provided new patient waiting, holding and recovery areas in an adjacent space that was occupied by the hospital’s Sleep Lab. After a new procedure room and control room were constructed, one of the existing rooms was decommissioned so that its electronics room could be relocated to allow a connection from the clinical areas to the new holding area. Following this phase, a fourth procedure room will be renovated in place of the existing reception and holding areas. Both new procedure rooms include a scrub room with positive air pressure to allow sterile procedures that could not previously be done in the procedure rooms.

Construction took place without decreasing the existing capacity of the Cath Lab, while meeting recently revised JHACO Infection Control requirements.